Whether you're thinking of quitting your manufacturing job and making a move to New Jersey or you already live in New Jersey and want a new career, you cannot just go out and expect to get a job right away. It's just not that easy. Finding a new job or starting a new career is hard work. There's lot involved in quitting your job and starting somewhere new. You have to search the job ads, fill out an application, send out your resume, and go in for an interview.

There's no point in starting a new career in New Jersey after quitting your current job if you can't get a job that suits your needs and fits your skills. That's why we highly recommend researching the New Jersey job market before moving here or handing in your letter of resignation. Hopefully we'll get you started as we provide you with some information about employment possibilities in the area.

To work in New Jersey you're going to have to know a little bit about the New Jersey industries. Some of the top leading industries that you will find in the New Jersey area include food processing, printing and publishing, chemical development, telecommunications, tourism, electric equipment and the pharmaceutical industry. So, whether you have experience as a Kentucky tourism representative, have sold pharmaceutical equipment in the past or have completed mold assessments in New York, then you might have a leg up on the competition when applying for jobs in any of those industries.

There are a lot of jobs available in New Jersey and the surrounding area. You just have to put the effort into finding them. You can either perform your job search through reading the classified ads of any of your local newspapers such as the New Jersey Star-Ledger or by searching online through the many job search engine websites there are out there like Monster.com.

If you were to read the classifieds in the paper or browse the online job postings for New Jersey you'd see listings for jobs such as senior software developer, security guard, technician, IT project manager, senior quality assurance engineer, web developer, treasury supervisor, accountant, retail manager, bistro fine dining server, financial analyst, and payroll processor, just to name a few.

As you can see that's quite a few of jobs we've listed. If you saw one you liked you should go about finding out how to apply for it. If you didn't go out and browse the job listings yourself until you find the right job for you in your dream field. Good luck!

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