There are many people who go through New Jersey on their way to vacations somewhere else. Some might be visiting New York City while others are going to Boston or the Carolinas. What they don't know is that this is a state that full of attractions and events all of its own. It is not just that place across the Hudson River for those on the edge of Manhattan. If you're looking for arts and culture or family fun, you are sure to find it with a visit to New Jersey.

New Jersey is actually one the most diverse states in the entire country, with its bustling cities, rich history, and extensive waterfront real estate. If you're an architect for example, looking for inspiration or someone who's passionate about the outdoors than you are sure to find a destination that suits your wants and needs. Newark is known as the urban heart of the state, while Cape May is celebrating more than one hundred and fifty years as a seaside resort, complete with some of the original Victorian era homes.

If you're interested in arts, culture, and history than you will have lots to see and do when visiting New Jersey. Princeton and Rutgers Universities both have their own art museums and the New Jersey State Museum and Planetarium is located in Trenton. If you're coming from another country and don't know much about the history of this corner of America than you might also want to visit sites like Washington's Crossing battlefield or the Statue of Liberty, which is technically on New Jersey land.

From the state parks to the waterfront, there are lots of reasons to spend the day outdoors when you're touring through New Jersey. High Point State Park will present you with breathtaking views while Ocean City is known as the best beach in the state. In the summer you can hike, swim, fish and golf. During the winter months people enjoy skiing at the Mountain Creek Resort or skating at Dietl Ice Rink.

If you're interested in a fun night out on the town than you will find few places better to go than Atlantic City. Thirty million people choose to spend some of their vacation time here each year. This seaside resort town features everything from five star restaurants owned by celebrity chefs to elite golf courses. It is certainly worth checking out if you're a shopper or like to try your luck at one of the casinos. There are many different hotels and resorts to choose from. Go to Visit NJ to view tons of things to see and do in the area, or you can follow many of the tourism social media sites. is made possible through funding provided by sponsors like Kingstec- Contract Manufacturing.. Thank you!

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