If you're thinking about selling your real estate property and making a move to New Jersey then you really should know a little bit about the local real estate market before making such an important decision in your life. There's no point in meeting with real estate agents who'll help you come up with a strategy to sell your home only to move to New Jersey and not find a place to live in that is in your price range.

Luckily for you, you've come to the right place. As we're going to tell you about the New Jersey market so you will know whether or not you want to or can live in Jersey. The most important information about real estate in New Jersey revolves around listings and prices. The average value of area homes currently stands at $264,700. Compared to a state like Delaware, where the average home value there is $192,100 and New Jersey homes are extremely valuable. Compare it to a state like Washington, D.C., who has an average home value of $347,700 and it's not in the same ballpark. How does that compare to your North Vancouver, St. Paul or California home?

The next set of numbers you should focus on are average listing price and average sales price. The average home in New Jersey is listed at $299,000 and the average New Jersey home sells for $285,200. Would it be worth it to sell your townhome and buy a New Jersey house? Would you make enough money on the transaction that you can use to purchase a piece of real estate property in New Jersey? Those are questions you need to ask yourself before moving to New Jersey.

Before you start talking to agents make sure that you go over the data we provided above. It's of the utmost importance that you do your due diligence when thinking about making such a drastic and important life altering decision. We don't want you putting your home on the market and then finding out that the amount of money you got for it won't allow you to live comfortably in New Jersey. Get that all out of the way before you even put up that 'For Sale' sign in the front yard!

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