New Jersey is one of the most diverse states in the country where you will see everything from beachfront properties, to a city that overlooks NYC, to country estates. If you're moving here from Canada or California you are sure to see some properties that match those you would see back home. And there are examples of real estate in almost every price range, depending on which city you would like to make your home. Here are some of the options that you will find throughout New Jersey.

Starting at the top of the spectrum, there are six different districts where the average listing price is above the $500,000 mark. If you're used to living in luxury condos than you might be used to these sorts of home prices. But they are certainly above the national average. Homes in Bergen are the most expensive, with an average price of nearly $725,000. This is a community just to the north west of New York City. Somerset is the second most expensive and is at the center of the northern half of the state and next is Cape May, which is all the way to the south. Rounding out the list are Monmouth, Morris and Hunterdon.

Best suburbs in New Jersey to raise a family.

When looking at the middle range properties with prices like those you would see elsewhere and in most mid to large-sized cities you will see that they are more widely spread across the state. If you want to live along the water than there are homes in communities like in the regions of Ocean and Atlantic where the average price is just under $400,000. You might also want to live in Hudson if you need easy access to the city or in Union to be a little further out. Whether you're coming from Arizona or Florida homes for example, you will find prices close to home in these areas.

There are only a few regions where the average home prices are below the $250,000 mark in New Jersey and they are all in the southwest of the state. The most affordable area is Cumberland, where the average price is just below $200,000. In Warren you will find that they are right around that $250,000 mark. Here is where your local agent might suggest that you look if you're starting out with your first home and are looking for a slower paced lifestyle to go with it. If you need to be within commuting distance of New York City but also need an affordable home than you might want to look in Middlesex or Warren. Homes here are right around $300,000.

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