When it comes to selling real estate there are a lot of decisions you're going to have to make before you even put your home on the market. Instead of focusing your attention on the picture for the ad you're going to place for your home for sale you need to be figuring out what the listing price in that ad will be.

Deciding your list price for your home is an important decision and one that is based upon many different factors. You can't just pick a number at random and say that's what your listing price will be. It just doesn't work that way. You're going to have to consider many different things to help you come up with right initial listing price. Working in tandem with your real estate agent will make coming up with a listing price that much easier.

Some things to consider that will help you come up with a listing price you and your real estate agent would be happy with include the value of your home, how old your home is, how big your home is, what features your home has, where your home is located, what other comparable listings in your area are currently selling for, how much homes in your neighborhood and surrounding area sold for in the past, and what the current real estate market conditions are like.

All properties for sale will all have different listing prices but taking into account the above information will help you come up with a listing price that is fair to both you and prospective home buyers. If however, a comparable home just hand a major renovation, they will be able to fairly ask for a higher price. You also have to remember that the initial listing price is just a starting off point so be prepared for the possibility that you won't get that specific amount of money once the sale is finalized.

If you take the process to come up with an initial listing price seriously and factor in everything we mentioned above and let your real estate agent do all the necessary research then you should come away happy with the listing price for your home for sale.

Good luck coming up with a listing price you can live with and we hope you sell your home as soon as possible!

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